Development District of Central Texas

The MPR EDC recommends a Board member (to the MPR City Council) to serve on the Development District of Central Texas (DDCT) Board of Directors.  Central Texas Council of Governments (CTCOG) is the fiduciary and administrative agent for this District.

2022-23 Information

Rural Internship Application Form 2023
DDCT signed Bylaws
CEDS Progress Spreadsheet- Development District of Central Texas- 2022-23
Responsibilities and requirements as Board members:
  • Approving updates and changes to 2022-26 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)
  • Approving letters of support and other documentation for CTCOG funding applications
  • Approving various economic development programs (Leadership Central Texas, Rural Internship Program, etc.)
  • Providing feedback on staff implementation of the CEDS and other projects.
  • Board members are required to keep track of their participation in economic development related activities for each quarter, including meetings, volunteering, etc., which is turned in to the Economic Development Planner a week or so after each meeting. Staff will also disseminate information on available grants, resources, and technical assistance available to cities during meetings. 
  • Meetings of the Development District
1. Regular Meeting a. The District Organization must hold meetings open to the public at least twice a year.
2. Special Meetings a. Special meetings may be called by the Board Chairman, District Staff, or upon the request of at least three (3) members of the Board. All requirements for notice, quorum, and other rules governing regular meetings shall apply to special meetings.
3. Notice
a. The Board shall publish the date and agenda of such meetings sufficiently in advance (no later than 72 hours prior to the meeting) to allow the public a reasonable time to prepare in order to participate effectively. Board members shall receive notification of date, hour and location of meeting at least seven (7) days prior to themeeting.
4. Quorum
a. At any meeting the Board, one-third (1/3) of the sitting Members being present in person and entitled to vote at such meeting shall constitute a quorum for all purposes except where it is otherwise provided by law or by these Bylaws.
5. Proxies
a. All voting by the Members shall be in person at a meeting called pursuant to these Bylaws. Proxy voting is allowed.
6. Attendance and Removal of Board Members
a. Failure to physically or via video conference attend three (3) consecutive meetings of the Board shall constitute a resignation from the Board.
7. Video Conference.
a. Any board member or Officer may videoconference in and are considered “present” and are counted toward the making of a quorum. They may also discuss and vote on any item so brought before the board.
b. It is the purpose of this bylaw revision to make the board meeting(s) accessible to a board member who may be physically unable to attend the meeting.