MPR Business Network timely info for Jan 21, 2023

Hi All,

First off, I’d like to say thanks to all of our MPR business owners for their input on how we can improve business sales in our city.    I meet frequently with both Dalton Rice, MPR City Manager, and the Directors of the MPR Economic Development Corporation (EDC) to share your concerns and suggestions on how to grow our MPR economy without losing our nature based small town feel.

City Comprehensive Plan– results should be available to the public this month. We’ll see if our residents are in favor of a vibrant business community.  Fingers crossed in favor of supporting planned economic development.    You still have time to complete the survey (closes Monday, January 23 @ Midnight.  Even if you are a one issue voter, take the time to answer that one question on the survey.  Here’s the link..

Business Directory- if you have a neighbor who has a business based in MPR (and they are not included in the Directory, please pass on their business information to me.

Follow the link to see if they are listed:

If you have any ideas on how to promote the Directory, I could sure use your help!

Email me @

2nd Wednesday Business Network Round tables/Socials (2nd Wednesday- 6-7 PM, Sol de Jalisco).   I’m no longer going to hold the monthly in person get-togethers, but I want to continue to have a place to “share business solutions directly related to MPR”.

(If you still have 2nd Wednesday evenings free, why not think of joining the library volunteers for the monthly meeting?)

Join me on Morgan’s Point Resort Business Network (Texas) Facebook closed group- If you haven’t already joined our closed Facebook Group, please follow the link below and ask to join.  Let’s continue our conversation using the “Chats” function.

MPR Economic Development Corporation- I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but I have volunteered to serve as President of the MPR EDC.  My goal is MPR entrepreneurship.  As you know we have challenges doing business in MPR (no sewer in the commercial district etc.), but that shouldn’t stop us from building a vibrant business community!  The EDC is managed by a 7 member Board of Directors.  We meet once a month, 3rd Thursday from 11:30 AM to 1 PM at the MPR Community Center.  Currently we have an opening on the Board.   If you’d like to apply, follow the link for the Director Application.

MPR Economic Development Corporation Facebook page- I hope you are following the MPR EDC’s Facebook page (a focus on MPR businesses).  It has a new name:  Discover Morgan’s Point Resort- “Live.Work.Play” in MPR.    Click on the link to follow…

Please keep in touch!

Linda Bridges

Text-  760.310.7861

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